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  • Hovis, Cocker Spaniel

Friday is Funday when you're a spaniel!

Phew what a day for dogs! I'm so tired I nearly fell face down in my dinner bowl! I see Rosie’s about to put the fire on so I might just pop myself in my favourite basket and reflect on the fun we had today …..

Oh what an adventure we had. Off we set - my favourite walk-mates Rosie and Kirsty; my current beau Mac, a springer spaniel and my new best friend Buddy, a sprocker spaniel. A sprocker is a cross between me and Mac so you can imagine how many heads he turns! We were the first dogs ever to go on this adventure and we got invited to test drive it because we're gorgeous, have bags of personality and just love having fun. Plus we're fit enough to manage two whole hours of activity without getting tired or disgracing ourselves! Arriving at the car park I convinced Rosie to let us go off the leash as there was no-one else around. Having won that round I made everyone wait patiently while our walk-mates faffed around for ages in the boot, rounding up toys and the picnic we’d been promised at the end of the walk. Rosie had a huge rucksack full of exciting toys, dog paraphernalia and even a first aid kit for accident prone Buddy. Kirsty came up trumps after a visit to the pet shop where she invested in indestructible (almost) tennis balls and a frisbee just for us! I LOVE Kirsty Walk-mate!

I quickly trained Kirsty to be an excellent ball thrower and she managed some really good lobs. Without blowing my own trumpet, I am the fastest dog and the best ball catcher in the whole of Saddleworth and although I was capable of winning all the time I magnanimously let Mac and Buddy have plenty of the action too. Buddy has a naughty habit of hiding the ball when he gets hold of it so I was in charge of giving chase and finding where he’d hidden it. It turned into a really great game and I was praised highly for being such a good and helpful girl. I LOVE Buddy!

Rosie wouldn’t let me be in charge of the frisbee but I didn’t mind because Mac enjoyed playing with it so much and soon managed to get it wedged on his head like a hat. Boy did he look funny. I LOVE Mac!

Next adventure game was Smell that Ball. Rosie did her girly throws and the ball disappeared into the long grass where we couldn’t see it. It was noses to the ground to sniff it out and I heard Rosie say that it would do us good to use our brains as well as getting our exercise and she was right. We all did well at this game and even with my pert little nose I scored very highly. I LOVE Rosie Walk-mate!

The final exciting surprise awaited us just before we got back to the car park. A swimming pool for dogs! I knew it was actually Rosie and Kirsty’s excuse to get us cleaned up but we all love water. Mac was beyond filthy so he definitely needed a dip. Buddy started showing off with his jumps and giant belly-flops. I’m desperately keen to learn how to do that. Maybe next time. When we lost the ball Rosie and Kirsty taught us retrieving the ball from the water skills which is a pretty clever skill to have in our repertoire.

Then it was back to the car and oh how tired and hungry we all were. We could smell the promised picnic but had to wait until we’d been wrapped up and dried off in great big fluffy towels before being let loose on the cheese and biscuit treat. We said our goodbyes to Buddy after being told what splendid dogs we’d been. I doubt there are any dogs better qualified than us to test drive a walk like this!

So that’s the end of the big adventure. It’s time to say goodnight Mac, Buddy, Kirsty and of course Rosie. I just can't keep my eyes open a moment longer!

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