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  • Rosie Littlewood

Great dog outings in and near Saddleworth - "The Boat Pond"

Saddleworth offers some fabulous walks, with something for everyone. As someone who spends every day in the great outdoors walking dogs, I've explored just about every inch of Delph and the surrounding villages at some point or another!

The type of dogs I look after enjoy nothing more than a good run around off the lead, a paddle or a swim, a game of ball or just a good old fashioned sniffing session. It's important to choose suitable places to go which are safely away from traffic and livestock, and where we aren't going to disturb the wildlife. Here is one of my favourites, which my friends Val and Tara christened "The Boat Pond", near Standedge.

The Boat Pond is a favourite of mine when I've got very energetic dogs who like running up and down hills, playing ball and swimming. Once safely away from the main road, the leads come off and we play ball up and down the steep hill from the path down to the stream, which is great fun for the dogs and uses up some of that physical and mental energy! At the end of this path there's a narrow bridge crossing the corner of the reservoir, where we pop back on the lead to cross safely.

Now the fun continues with paddling and swimming if it's not too cold, before taking the path leading to the foot of Pule Hill (that's another great walk, especially on a clear day at sunset). From here we turn round and trace our steps back to the car.

Recently we were lucky enough to have a generous sprinkling of snow, so off we went for a morning walk and a snowball game - which was enormous fun for all of us!

Poppy returned with lots of snowballs on her feet and Hugo looked like a little snowman!

Just occasionally there will be sheep around that have wandered in from the road, so we always do a recce before setting off and keep an eye out along the way.

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