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Home Boarding

​From October 2018 new legislation comes in which affects licensing of animal activities, including home boarding and daycare. The main change to home boarding will be that licensed boarders (with sufficient space) should be able to board dogs from more than one household. At the moment this is generally not allowed, except under certain circumstances.

This is good news for owners as there is such a shortage of good licensed home boarders in Saddleworth and nearby. Hopefully it will go some way to stamping out the practice of illegal boarding without a licence.

I’ve decided not to change what I do at the moment, and will continue to offer exclusive boarding for one dog at once, which allows me to treat each dog as my own and include them in all my daily activity.

I’ve now filled up my summer months and reserved the school holidays next year for dogs that have stayed with me this year, and will probably take on just two or three new customers for 2019. As you probably know I work with a number of other licensed home boarders and if I don’t have space for your dog when it comes to booking your holiday, I will be more than happy to help you find an alternative.

We don't know exactly how the new legislation will work until we have our inspections later this year, but if you do have any queries please ask!

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